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About us

Tokyo Ramen Takeichi was founded by a group of international investors with roots in Japan. We firmly believe that the popularity of the Ramen dish will surge in the years to come and we would like to bring the very best of Japanese Ramen to the European continent. 

Whilst the idea of bringing Ramen to Europe is not entirely new,  we made a pledge to use the freshest and highest quality of European ingredients to make our dishes.
The dedication for that was born out of the fact that having a long supply line from Japan would involve the use of substances to preserve food quality over longer periods of time. We want our customers to not only enjoy the best possible taste but also the best possible quality avoiding preservatives.
Hence, during the preparation phase a lot of time was spent to develop the high quality supply network we needed.
Painstakingly, our Japanese cooks than worked to refine the recipe to match the original Japanese taste.
We are very pleased with the result and are convinced that we are able to give you a unique and healthy Japanese experience.

The journey will continue , our cooks are constantly improving our menu and do their utmost to expand our dishes with true Japanese delicacies. Please check our continous new menu additions.  

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